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Dr. Chuck Tillotson & Dr. Jan Nix

Neuro-Emotional Techique (NET)

NET is a safe and scientific mind body technique of finding unresolved emotional patterns, or responses, that are stored within the cells of the body and allowing them to resolve.  Emotions have been typically thought to be simply in our head.  However, research has proven that emotions (in the form of neurotransmitters) actually circulate throughout the body and can cause a wide array of physical responses.  Typically, these are called stress responses, for example, an increased pulse rate when approaching a podium to speak and/or when connecting with a romantic partner; increased respiration with extreme anger or excitement; and sleep disturbances from worry about a problem, or anticipation of a new experience.

Many of us have experienced emotional trauma and/or ongoing issues in our past, often in a state of emotional or physical stress.  As adults we should be able to experience an emotional or physical trauma, experience the associated feeling, and resolve the issue.  However, if we are in a state of emotional or mental stress, the emotion, or neurotransmitters may become stuck (or stored) within cell walls.  When this happens and we experience a similar situation, or feeling, the old emotional response is stimulated.  This is the “true culprit” of an over-reaction, or inappropriate response to a current situation.

In our everyday lives, it is very difficult to see these connections or to ‘figure out’ how we keep getting into same old behavioral patterns.  Just think about all the great resolutions made on New Year’s Day and how few are actually achieved.  NET simply helps your body ‘let go’ of the stuck emotions from the past so that you are able to be fully functional in the present.

NET practitioners are trained to help the body’s natural healing ability, utilizing applied kinesiology/muscle testing, to access just enough information from your body in order to identify the specific emotion related to your physical issue (like chronic neck pain, headaches, bedwetting, indigestion, weight, among many others).  This is not a ‘talk it out’ therapy approach, although it can be a wonderful adjunct when someone is receiving traditional therapy.  NET is absolutely a mind/body treatment.

Treatment is truly a very simple and easy procedure.  Once the unresolved emotion is identified by manual muscle testing (most commonly using your arm), the patient is asked to remember the original even that triggered the stuck emotion.  Then a light spinal adjustment is delivered while the patient is focusing on the original triggering event and contacting the corresponding reflex point.  This process allows for the natural resolution of the previously stuck emotion.  Occasionally, patients experience an emotional release; however, most patients feel a sense of lightness and relief.  The patient is always in control of their treatment.

Dr. Jan Nix, D.C. is Denton’s only certified NET practitioner.  Dr. Jan has been a NET certified practitioner since 2005.  NET crosses many disciplines to include chiropractors, medical doctors, psychiatrists, physiologists, dentists, acupuncturists, and others.

The process of becoming a certified NET practitioner takes 100's of hours of post graduate professional seminars, intense training of the NET protocol, in depth study of meridian therapy, behavioral conditioning, homeopathy, neuroscience, applied nutritional science, body and memory dynamics and a comprehensive written and practical examination.

To make the most of your NET sessions:

  1. Please checkout a copy of the short NET introductory DVD, or go online to the website at, and watch the introductory clip.

Call and schedule a N.E.T. session and bring a list of your specific issues, (i.e. chronic shoulder pain, heartburn, weight, and even allergies).


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