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Nasal Specific Technique

Nasal Specific Technique is based on the premise that cranial bones have the ability of movement.

The Nasal Specific Technique is a physical treatment of the face and sinus cavity, in particular, that was developed to help with a variety of ailments.  This procedure has been practiced for nearly 100 years, and there is some evidence that similar techniques were used as far back as ancient Egypt.  Put simply, it is a method of adjusting several facial/sinus bones, particularly the sphenoid bone which sits in the center of your skull and connects to virtually every other bone in your head.

This technique is a controlled approach that works to unwind the body and help it return to a more optimum function by adjusting the cranial plates of the skull and relieving pressure that affects the nervous system and reestablishes the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to the body and the proper flow of blood to the brain.

Nasal Specific uses finger cots, affixed/tied to a blood pressure bulb (a sphygmomanometer) to deliver an even and effective controlled force of pressure.  The finger cot portion of this device is inserted into one of the six nasal passages, being three on each side, and then inflated.  When the pressure bulb is pumped it causes the finger cot/balloon to expand inside the nasal passageway causing the cranial plates to shift/realign inside of the skull.  It releases pressure that has put adverse impact on the brain and also allows the pinched cerebrospinal fluid tubes and the blood vessels to be released so that optimum function is restored.  It also restores proper respiratory breathing patterns, restores normal sinus drainage, and stimulates the pituitary gland.  By placing your skull in an optimal alignment you create an environment which allows for optimal blood flow and neurotransmitter activity throughout the central nervous system. The body can then begin to return to an ideal state of function.


Does the process hurt?

Most patients do not call it pain.  They describe it as an intense sensation that will typically make your eyes water.

Typically, this sensation only lasts a few moments.  It depends on how tight and tense a patient is.  It is well to point out that if a patient receives treatment on a regular basis, the impact felt each time will lessen, and each return visit will add on to the further progression and development of unwinding in the cranial tension.

What are the side effects of this practice?

There are no negative side effects. The most common positive side effects include the ability to clearly breathe due to the fact that it clears out the sinuses, increased energy due to stimulation to the nervous system and breathing capabilities, sharper memory, increased sensation of joy or happiness, and improve facial symmetry.

Is this process safe?

Yes, this technique has been proven and been in practice since the 1930s.  It has been taught to many doctors and dentists and others as well.  This technique is a non-medical procedure and no incision has to be made. 

What will I feel like afterwards?

You will be able to breathe more fully and deeply.  This may cause a sense of light-headedness for a few moments as the body adjusts to the intake of air and increased functional and proper blood flow.  This technique has been proven or reported to improve speech problems, increase visual capabilities, restore feeling to various parts of the body, and restore hearing or allow hearing for the first time.  Therefore, what will you feel like afterwards varies from person to person.  More than likely you will feel like a new person or at least feel more functional.

How long do these effects last and what structures are affected?

The Nasal Specific treatment consists of 2 to 6 treatments done over several days to 2 weeks.  The treatments are the same from visit to visit.  If the results are positive, then typically one treatment per month will maintain your improvement.

Most all dysfunctions and disabilities are manifested within the cranium/head and in the upper portion of the neck including the brain steam.  Nasal Specific releases this pressure and tension improving these disorders.

What can I expect from a treatment and what types of health issues does it help?

The Nasal Specific is an amazing therapy for a variety of issues, including headaches, hearing loss due to congestion, migraines, sinus issues, snoring, neck pain, jaw pain, and back pain.  It can also have an effect on conditions relating to the central nervous system, such as learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, or depression.  Many times patients will come in for one complaint and find that another issue has also resolved.  For instance, a person comes in for headaches and finds that their hearing and smell has returned.  Some patients find complete relief after one series.  Others require several over the course of months or years.  Often this depends on the duration of the complaint and the severity of the problem.


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