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Dr. Chuck Tillotson & Dr. Jan Nix

Why Our Patients Choose Us

8 Reasons Why Our Patients Choose Us

1.  Competence and Skill
Dr. Jan and Dr. Chuck take chiropractic and healthcare very seriously.  We have a passion to deliver high quality care that enhances the lives of our patients. You can count on our 22 plus years of combined experience to give you the best advice and care so you achieve the best results possible.  We are constantly attending seminars to upgrade our knowledge and skills.

2.  Friendliness & Trust
We have a great staff that cares.  They are lighthearted and relaxed and will make you feel at home.  All our staff members are completely dedicated to helping you reach your health goals.  Obtaining results and developing lasting relationships with our patients is the key to our practice.  Rest assured that everything in our office is completely confidential.

3.  Feet First
Your spine sits on your pelvis which is your foundation, and your pelvis depends on your feet.  Therefore, it does not matter whether your pain is in your lower back or your shoulder; the feet play a big role.  Even though most people do not have foot pain, per say, most have some foot dysfunction.  Take a good look at your feet.  If the feet are ignored, then improvement can be less than optimal and symptoms can return if the feet are not addressed.  When feet are functioning correctly, your health and spine should improve with walking and activity, not get worse.

4.  Gentle Approach
Let’s face it, some people are nervous about chiropractic care because they think the adjustment is going to “hurt.”  If you, or one of your family members, fall into this category, you can relax right now.  You’ll receive care tailored to your individual comfort and needs.  The doctors have trained in a wide variety of gentle adjusting techniques that complement our soft tissue work and physical therapy.  Our approach is designed so that you can feel secure, relaxed, and confident about your treatment.  Our treatment is gentle enough for the osteoporotic, the elderly, children, infants and everyone else in between!

5.  More than Adjustments – Treat the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms
We believe it is always best to attempt to find the cause of your symptoms rather than just treating the symptoms.  The advantage of applied kinesiology is that it helps direct our care to the primary area to get to the root cause of your health concerns.  It also helps us determine the best therapy for you whether it is myofascial release, decompressive traction, cold laser therapy, neuro-emotional, or nutrition.

6.  Impeccable Advanced Care
In addition to great chiropractic care, we offer our patients a balanced approach to healthcare.  We never stop with our studies.  We’re always taking seminars to advance our skills and learn more.  Most recently, we have studied in Canada where we have sharpened our applied kinesiology skills with one of the best teachers in the world, Dr. David Leaf D.C., DIBAK.  He is the chiropractor for the New England Patriots and several other professional athletes, as well.

7.  Getting You Involved
We get you involved in your health!  What does that mean?  We give you simple exercises to do in the comfort of your own home that complements your in-office care.  We provide our patients with information about a broad range of health topics.  The more involved and informed you are, the better lifestyle choices you make, the better your overall health will be.  The sooner you respond and the less you spend, the better off we both are.  Why?  It’s simple, good results make our work look good and result in referrals which is the base of our practice.

8.  Your Time and Treatment Plans
We respect your time and make every effort to see you at your reserved appointment time and complete your treatment on time. Custom tailored treatment plans are designed for the patient to achieve optimum results. We continue to teach you how to incorporate good nutrition and exercise habits into your everyday life; thereby promoting vitality, endurance, and the ability to enjoy life at its fullest.


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